Geyser Park

Soda Springs, Idaho is home to the world's only captive geyser. On November 30, 1937, the city drilled down 315 feet, and unleashed the geyser to the surprise of the residents. The Geyser was discovered in an attempt to find a hot water source for a swimming pool in the 1900s, and it reaches a height of approximately 100 feet or more. The extreme pressure that causes the eruption occurs due to carbon dioxide gas mixing with water in an underground chamber. It is now capped and controlled by a timer managed by the city of Soda Springs.

Guests have an opportunity to view the spectacular eruption every hour on the hour from the comfort of the Geyser View Restaurant dining room, or they can get a closer view by stepping outside of the hotel and walking the short distance to the attraction.

Guests of the Enders Hotel and Museum are able to walk to the Visitors Center for more information on the Geyser’s history. There is a boardwalk around the geyser, and grassy areas with tables and benches that are free to use for visitors. The Geyser is located directly behind the Enders Hotel located on 76 South and Main Street.

Soda Springs Geyser