Our History

Welcome to the Enders Building restored to its original 1917 splendor. Built for William & Theodore Enders by C.K. Blocker at a cost of $75,000.00. Dr. Ellis Kackley, loaned the Enders brothers $16,207.00 to get the project started. Architect Herman Falkenberg of Soda Springs designed the neo-classical building, which is adjacent to the world’s largest, captive carbon dioxide, gas geyser. The geyser was struck while drilling for a hot water well in 1937. It is regulated by the city, to erupt on the hour.

The Enders Building functioned much like present-day malls, housing various businesses & services since 1917. William & Theodore operated it as a hotel for many years. They remodeled the original ballroom into apartments during the 1930’s. Roy Kimball purchased it and in 1950 sold it to Mr. & Mrs. J.M. Frazier, who also operated a coffee shop along with the hotel. Glen and Olive Enders were the next owners. Lynn G. & Beth Beus bought the building in the 1970’s and began closing the hotel during the winter months. The Hotel became a no frills “working man’s hotel.” In 1991 Louise O. Collard purchased, occupied and ran the Enders Café and the Office Bar & Lounge. The upper stories were closed due to disrepair and neglect. The building was placed on the National Registry of Historic Buildings on May 14th, 1993 through the efforts of Louise Collard, Craig Call, and the Caribou Historical Society.

In 1997, Soda Springs graduate Rex G. Maughan created The Soda Springs Idaho Historical Museum Inc., and purchased the run down but proud structure. As a tribute to his “Class of 54” and the community, the foundation embarked on a 4 year renovation project in excess of one million dollars to return this Grand Lady, The Enders Building, to life for another 80 plus years.

Enjoy the memories and serenity of by-gone days in this lavish, period antique furnished Hotel, Bed & Breakfast, Museum, Geyser View Restaurant and the Somewhere ‘N Tyme Antique Gift Shoppe.

Remember: The Enders Building is a Non-Smoking Establishment         Mike McDaniel, I.D.S.

Enders Museum

Visiting the historic Enders Hotel and Museum gives visitors the chance to step back in time to the 1900's American Frontier. The museum located inside the Enders Hotel property gives guests the opportunity to learn more about the history of Soda Springs, Idaho, and the people that helped make the town's lively history a reality.
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